Over 40 years of Made in Italy


The company has had a presence in the marketplace since 1966 with a wide range of healthcare and household products.
The company's goal is to continue to be a world leader in the manufacture of aerosol therapy products and accessories for home use and, as a cross over technology, for food vacuum packaging for domestic and professional use.
The company consists of a team of 120 people, operating in a large business centre and in the manufacturing plant, who have a strong spirit of cooperation and work towards the achievement of common goals.

Flaem Nuova plant consists of 20,000 square meters incorporating warehousing, plastic
molding, assembly, technical, administrative and sales departments.
The company, with a worldwide distribution network, is always offering new products that will respond fully to the regulations and requirements of each market.


An essential part of Flaem Nuova is the Research and Development, an area dedicated to technological development and the optimization and automation of production processes.
At the same time the R & D department is constantly evaluating recently developed technologies and components that can accelerate the process of technological development and production.
This is an important area of the company offering innovations in response to the needs of the market by investing both in human resources and in activities to meet the requirements and propose solutions for the future. Professionalism, experience and research are the foundations for an effective and efficient output from Flaem Nuova.
Professionalità, esperienza, ricerca sono la base dell’efficacia ed efficienza dell’offerta di Flaem Nuova.


A strong commitment combined with constant experimentation aimed at improving the proposed range both aesthetically and functionally make Flaem Nuova a proactive partner able to respond in real time to the different requirements of individual markets for both healthcare and household products.
Product expansion is made possible by innovation and development and by implementing production process solutions that meet the needs and demands of the market.
Thecompany, throughitsresearchanddevelopment, has more than 75 international patents and over 20 registered trademarks worldwide.


Production at Flaem Nuova can be characterised as a manufacturing process which incorporates total control through vertical integration ensuring high efficiency and optimal coordination of human resources.
This organizational method ensures complete quality control of product by the company. Individual units are controlled at each phase by both an automated process and manually by operators with high expertise in production. All this is further supported by constant testing at every stage of the process.
Quality and reliability are the basics for the production lines in the electro-medical and electro-domestic sectors. The resulting products are innovative, quality controlled and certified in harmony with the fundamental values that over time have ensured Flaem Nuova's success.


Flaem Nuova operates according to strict operational procedures and exacting production protocols ensuring a high level of quality and integrity of products, with the main objective of end-user safety.
The company operates a quality system certified to ISO 13485:2003 and in accordance with the requirements of European Directives.
The reliability of products is also guaranteed by both European CE0051 marking, and by monitoring product and production system in accordante with the most prestigious international approval Authorities exemplified by IMQ, KEMA, TUEV Rheinland, CSA marks which confirm product quality and strict compliance with applicable regulations.

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